Thai Celebrations

Yesterday marked the day my beloved sister turned 18. Becoming an adult is a hallmark every human being looks forward to. I certainly did – even though I spent my birthday at the mall, with my underage friends…. like I did every birthday: /
Anyways!  For her celebration she insisted on going to eat out at a Thai restaurant. I haven’t had Thai food in ages so I was definitely on board.


The restaurant was in the downtown central area of where I live, it is usually a beautiful place to visit. However, it wasn’t the case this time.


The restaurant is named RAMA, strange thing is, they didn’t have any ramen! *not intended to be racist at all*


The service was great- except for one creepy waiter that kept staring.


One thing I didn’t like about the restaurant was how dark it was. Another unfortunate event is that we got seated next to the most obnoxious guy in the world. No wonder he was third wheeling #foreveralone


I ordered the Mango Chicken – truly fucking delicious!  I definitely recommend this dish.


To end the night we picked up a few desserts from whole foods (this pick was taken in daytime).
That is all for this post – I just got back from the gym, thinking that I could write well and make it through one post, this is not the case.
What is your favorite Thai dish? Have you been to RAMA before?


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