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Being Stood Up Sucks

Sitting right out front of a coffee shop alone is not the most comforting feeling in the world. Looking around I’m seeing couples who are together, gazing at each other with the most hypnotized stare… deep down I know that I secretly crave a little bit of romance, or lust, or whatever – but on the outside I remain disgusted. The only people that are alone are a couple of young adults all on their phones and laptops.
Coffee shops always seem to give off this Hipster/ artistic vibe. I think I should visit this place more often – whenever I need a bit of inspiration for my writing at least. I hate not being able to drink coffee. I’m the kind of person that gets headaches occasionally when I drink caffeine. It’s 70 degrees outside and I’m sitting here in my sweatshirt, leggings, and combat boots.


Goodness, I love these boots. They were super cheep and they have lasted me for ages. They’ve traveled with my all over North America and Europe. Who would’ve thought that footwear would also become a connected piece of nostalgia?
I have so much going on right now, sometimes it feels like everything is out of control. Ugh…. a bunch of skaters just got here. Obviously high schoolers. Oh! Oh man! The police just busted them up! Apparently they weren’t disturbing the peace, they were just “fucking around”. Oh man, they are under arrest….OMG!  They were high! Goodness… this neighborhood is getting so much worse. I honestly really don’t want to live here anymore. Maybe It’s for the best really… hmmm…. should I wait it out?
What should a person do while they are waiting for someone to show up?